Sunbreak – Title Update 1 Out Tomorrow, Includes Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian

In its recent Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak digital eventCapcom confirmed that Title Update 1 will arrive tomorrow on Nintendo Switch and PC for free. Along with Lucent Nargacuga and Seething Bazelgeuse, it also sees the arrival of Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos. Check out the trailer below to see all four monsters in action.

New Afflicted Monsters are also being added with Lunagaron, Astalos, Mizutsune and Zinogre. Anomaly Investigations are essentially the introduction of Investigations into Rise. They have a quest level, which increases in difficulty, and random conditions.

By using the materials obtained, players can further upgrade their armor and weapons through Qurious Crafting (though the former seems to be RNG-based). Future title updates will increase the level cap and add more conditions to Anomaly Investigations.

Weekly Event Quests are also kicking off on August 18th, offering exclusive cosmetic rewards for completing tough challenges (like fighting Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos simultaneously). New paid DLC, including Layered Armor that allows you to dress like Dame Fiorayne (complete with her voice), is also coming.

Title Update 2 is slated to go live in late September and offers new rare species, subspecies and powered-up monsters to fight. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available for PC and Nintendo Switch. Check out our official review here.

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