SUPER PEOPLE is a battle royale game where super-soldiers with unique special abilities fight to be the last one standing.

The format of SUPER PEOPLE looks pretty much like most battle royale games, with you dropping down into an urban environment where you’ll scavenge and craft weapons, then battle it out with other players to be the last one kicking. The big difference here though is that you can choose from a variety of uniquely skilled super-soldiers. These skills can be levelled up throughout your match, eventually unlocking your ultimate skill, which can do some serious damage.

There’s no shortage of battle royale games anymore, but it’s a good looking ame and the super-soldier twist should offer up a nice amount of fun. The Beta is due to start on August 17th, so sign up now to unleash your inner Supe!

Sign Up For The SUPER PEOPLE Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)

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