The best membrane keyboards 2022

The best membrane keyboards can keep you nimble on the battlefield while still providing access to your media controls, individual key programming, and a plethora of RGB lighting effects. While not as fast as some of the smoothest mechanical keyboards on the market, these rubber-dome decks are still more than capable of keeping up with your faster-paced action titles. Not only that, but membrane keyboards are significantly cheaper than their mechanical counterparts. Yes, they won’t last as long and you are sacrificing the crisp clack of a mechanical key press, but if you’re playing with a smaller budget you’ll still find excellent value here. 

We’ve had our hands on a wide range of membrane gaming keyboards, covering brands from SteelSeries to Razer, Corsair to Roccat. Many of these decks have made it to our roundup of the best gaming keyboards on the market right now, based on value for money and overall performance in the arena. Set against a backdrop of some seriously impressive decks, these keys still hold out well. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of the very best membrane keyboards available today. 

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