Top 3 alternatives to Garena Free Fire

Well… It looks like it was the turn of Garena Free Free to face the ban hammer by the Indian government. The app was among several that were banned. Unfortunately for players, this meant that the game was removed from online app stores and players who have the game will be unable to play them.

This is quite sad as the game enjoyed quite a healthy fan following in the country. However, they will now have to look at alternatives. Here’s a look at the top three alternatives to Garena Free Fire in India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Remember PUBG: Mobile, which was also eventually banned in the country. Well, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) that same game. The only major difference is that you no longer ‘kill’ opposing players per say, and that you get reminders that the game is not a real thing. Other than that, it is the same game. The maps are the same, the weapons are the same, even the overall gameplay is spot on. If you’ve never given BGMI a chance, now’s the time to do so.

Call Of Duty: Mobile

Activision’s massively popular first-person shooter, Call of Duty: Mobile, has made its way to the mobile space. The game offers a very polished multiplayer experience with varied game options. Not only do players get battle royale action, but they also get a very refined death match experience that features additional abilities like operator skills and Scorestreaks. Like Free Fire, the game is pretty much constantly evolving with new maps, weapons and features being added with each major update.

PUBG: New State

PUBG: New State is the newest mobile game from Krafton Inc. It aims to tweak the original formula for greater gameplay diversity, while retaining enough of its gameplay mechanics to engage older players. PUBG New State is set in the future, the year 2051 where the world is gripped in anarchy, leading to the emergence of factions. The game deploys 100 people on the new battleground called Troi which is an 8km x 8km map that is filled with advanced weaponry and tactical support like drone calls, electric vehicles, and other futuristic gadgets.


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