VALORANT ONE SHOT | A TSM FTX Miniseries | Episode 1 of 2 (VCT NA Valorant Champions Tour)

#VALORANTONESHOT | A TSM FTX exclusive new miniseries that gives you a first look into the lives of pro VALORANT players, and their journey to win the VCT Main Event 2022. Featuring TSM FTX Subroza, Corey, Rossy, gMd, Seven, and Coach Juv3nile. Episode 1

Narrated by Tanner Metro

0:12 – The Game of Valorant
1:42 – Title Intro
2:16 – TSM FTX Rossy
2:58 – TSM FTX Corey
3:28 – TSM FTX gMd
3:55 – TSM FTX Seven
4:23 – TSM FTX Subroza
4:53 – VCT Main Event Tournament Structure
5:09 – Coach Juv3nile and Masters
6:06 – Week 1: First thoughts on NRG Valorant
7:39 – TSM FTX vs NRG highlights Map 1
11:06 – I hate losing
11:54 – TSM FTX vs NRG highlights Map 2
14:25 – Post match

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