Who will be the Dawn of the DCU’s new Justice League writer?

Who’s DC’s next Justice League writer?

Disclaimer: While DC is still in smack dab the middle of its current monthly event Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths (issue #4 of 7 went on sale September 6), due to the industry’s unique three-month-in-advance solicitation cycle, our community is always looking ahead to what’s next as much (if not more) as what’s right in front of us.

To wit, DC just announced its next post-Dark Crisis editorial era beginning in January – Dawn of the DCU – which will almost certainly (we’ll go with 99.8 percent) include what should be a much-ballyhooed return of an ongoing Justice League title in January or very soon after. The series has been dormant since the most recent volume’s ‘cancellation’ with May’s Justice League #75 – AKA the ‘Death of the Justice League’ story that kicked off Dark Crisis.

Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 variant cover (Image credit: DC)

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Something of DC’s flagship series 1a (1 is the ongoing Batman title), Justice League is one of comic books’ highest profile gigs and the creative teams over the last 25 years have included some of the biggest names on DC’s roster of talent at the height of their commercial profiles.

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