Wii Sports – All 5 Sports!

What is up everyone! Welcome back to another video! Since I’m running out of ideas for this game, I’ve decided to show one more game-play for Wii Sports, showing all five sports with my best potential in each. However, this type of game will still come back from time to time, specifically with commentary and more people playing. For now, Wii Sports is going to take a hiatus for a bit. Here are the sports and my opinions on them:

1. Tennis (0:08): Even though it’s simple, this type of sport isn’t really my cup of tea. While you’re playing single-player mode, it can get boring pretty quick. However, it can get crazy fun when you have more than 2 people playing, which is what I plan in the future. If you saw me playing, I totally blow out the champions, Elisa and Sarah, which is simple once you come up with strategies.

2. Baseball (5:15): This is one of my favorites on this game. Even though it’s like a water-down version of real baseball (Which I played when I was 10-years-old), I think this sport is very amusing. However, it has a major flaw, the batting. It comes down to timing when you want a good hit and slight pitching directions don’t help either. Overall, I think it’s still one of my favorites.

3. Bowling (14:37): The first ever game I played on Wii Sports on December 25th, 2009 (Yes, I remember the date XD). It’s still is so action packed to watch the pins go down and the audience will cheer you on or even boo you, which is so funny. My first perfect game was probably a month after I gotten the game and continuously matched up strategies I’ve seen from other bowlers on YouTube. I still do that to this day. This is absolutely my favorite in the game.

4. Golf (17:44): I actually like this sport. It sets a calming mood to the player and can suspenseful with everything becoming quiet. However, I prefer, Wii Sports Resort Golf as it is more faster than the original and showing replays if you do a highlight. Still a great sport to play though.

5. Boxing (28:48): Hands down my least favorite game but it is still action-packed. The controls are the biggest issue why I don’t play this sport often anymore. I go up against the champion, Matt, and let me tell you, he’s pretty tough. Plus, this is on a PAL version so the data is renewed as a seperate game so I had to punch enemies for about an hour before facing Matt. Ugh! Oh well. It was still fun though!

Never I had a game change my life forever. I want to thank everyone for all supporting my ridiculous challenges! It means the world to me!

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