Xenoblade Chronicles 3 highlights why JRPGs must find balance with tutorials

About 30 hours into our time with Xenoblade Chronicles 3, curiosity leads us to check the tips menu, just to see how many times our adventure so far has been interrupted by a tutorial window. Nudging the analogue stick downwards as it rapidly scrolls through them takes us around 20 seconds, covering more than 150 individual tip categories – several of which have more than one page to read. That might sound terribly off-putting, but we’re simply stating the facts rather than complaining. We’ve long grown accustomed to the traditional Japanese approach to tutorials, particularly in JRPGs and the like, so the frequent interjections are nothing new to us.

Spread out over such a period of time, it doesn’t feel nearly as irritating in practice as it might seem on paper. And Xenoblade Chronicles 3 does, in fairness, have a significantly larger range of features than most games. Heck, we could have simply listed them all in our review (found in issue #375 of Edge) and we would have long passed the word count before we’d got halfway down the list. (A small selection of the ones we didn’t have room to mention in the review: rest stops, soldier husks, supply drops, ether channels, fabricators, collectopaedia cards, refighting unique monsters, rebooting Ferronis hulks.)

Finding balance

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